IMG 9254 e1493300335570 - Danny and Fani

We fell in love with this joyful couple while photo-shooting their story, a dream come true! They met in Greece, where Fanny is from in 20?? and now came from their home-base in London to be photographed in iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn. We shared two wonderful days together walking through the city’s wondrous streets, meandering from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central Station, and through the natural wonders of Central Park in Manhattan!

At one point,  I overheard hear Daniel say to Fani:

“Life took a surprising twist. I left my home to find myself and I found you in your city.

I was supposed to leave you after a few days, but 2 1/2 years later I’ve only ever spent a few days without you.

Greece is where we found love, now we take that wherever we go together.”

Fani hadn’t known about the trip to New York, it was surprising from Danny, so I worked with him to organize everything discreetly. She only realized what was happening when they reached Heathrow airport in London.

1x1.trans - Danny and Fani

1x1.trans - Danny and Fani

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